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Effective Resume Writing Tips/ Guidelines

  1. Use a job summary instead of job objectives. In summary you may write highlights of your experience, expertise and qualification.
  2. Make experience summary as a second heading in the resume unless you are a fresher or your qualification comes from a premier institute in which case education would be the second heading.
  3. In experience summary do clearly mention a) Name of the Company worked with, b) Duration of each employment, c) Short profile of the Company (like MNC, Turnover etc) and it's product line, followed by d) Job role in each Company.
  4. Job role must clearly specify primary tasks and responsibilities handled, followed by secondary responsibilities. Job description should be very clear so that prospective employer can understand your job profile in the current company clearly. We may use sub-headings to highlight our strength areas. For example in a Finance Profile we may have sub-headings like Finalization of Accounts, Direct Taxation, Indirect Taxation, Mobilization of Funds etc. Similarly in HR we may have sub-headings like Recruitment, Payroll, T&D, Performance Appraisal, IR etc.
  5. Job role or description should be followed by achievements or special contributions may during the employment in various companies. This is extremely important so do your home work and brain storming to identify some specific achievements.
  6. In IT profile, job role may not be over emphasized, as project details is the main head that employers look for in IT Software resume. Projects should contain name of the client, duration of the project, your role or designation in the project, description of what project is all about, your detailed responsibilities handled in each project and finally the skills or technologies used in that project.
  7. Next heading should be education and learning which should highlight your primary qualifications, certifications done (if any), special trainings taken and extent of your computer knowledge. Again do mention your specific achievements in academics. Do also mention the Institute from which your MBA, B.Tech etc. has been done.
  8. The last heading in the resume would be Personal Details which may include your Date of Birth, your Hometown, Languages Known, Father's Name etc.
  9. Contact Details may be mentioned on the top of the resume just under your name and should specify your contact address, email id and mobile number. You may provide secondary email id and mobile number say of your wife or brother so that you do not miss any important calls for job offers.

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