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Jobs in Logistics/ SCM/ Purchase/ VD
(Sub Categories in which Resumes are listed in the Newspaper & sent across to 9000 Top Cos in Delhi/ NCR)

Sub Category Comments
SCM/ Logistics This Category is for people working in Supply Chain or Logistics or Transportation or Distribution and related roles. People working in Freight Forwarding/ Logistics Companies may upload their profiles in Industry Specific: Logistics & Freight
Purchase & V.D This category is for people in the roles of Purchase/ Procurement/ Vendor Development (VD)/ Sourcing. Import Specialists may add their profile in the Category related to Export-Import.
SCM- Commercial/ Mixed Profiles This category is for people working in mixed or Commercial roles like- Billing/ Debtors, Supply Chain, Materials, Export-Import & Taxation etc. People with similar roles but with more focus on Accounts side may add their resume in the category: Accounts & Finance- Taxation/ Commercial.
Stores & Warehouse This Category is for people working in Stores/ Warehousing/ Inventory Management/ Materials Management etc.