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The Recruitment Express Vs Job Portals

Adding a resume on Job Portals definitely offers job seekers a chance and a platform to seek job change as and when they desire. The Recruitment Express publication has some strong advantages to offer (over Job Portals) for job seekers as listed hereunder:

  1. Most of the calls from Job Portals come through Placement Consultants and majority of them never reach the stage of interview with the Company. On the other hand, calls through The Recruitment Express come directly from HR of the Companies as TRE does not circulate a resume to Consultants.
  2. While Job Portals have lacs of resumes in the database, your resume may never get a chance to be considered by various recruiters who look for few profiles out of the bundle of 1000's of resumes in a particular search and category. 'The Recruitment Express' offers in a single edition only few 100 resumes in all, leaving very few selected resumes in a particular category, function and experience range, maximizing your chance of getting a call for interview to the fullest.
  3. Job Portals are very costly for employers due to which lot of them do not use them. 'The Recruitment Express' being Free for employers, is able to reach over 90% of Top & Medium sized Companies operating in Delhi/ NCR, which is many times more than the reach of any Job Portal in Delhi/ NCR.
  4. Each and every resume on The Recruitment Express is reviewed by experts for relevancy of title & is assigned to proper category ensuring that each profile is easily accessible to a recruiter who may or may not be good in searching resumes. Resumes on Job Portals are never reviewed because of which lot of them are never searchable and even proper resumes may not be seen by recruiters unless they are expert in search techniques.
  5. The Recruitment Express offers better selection ratio due to 2 reasons: a) Companies do not have to pay anybody for hiring a candidate through TRE, while all other sources have high costs attached with them. b) As TRE lists only few candidates in a particular category and function, only very few candidates are there at the interview as well (while companies using Job Portals tend to call large number of candidates for one position).
  6. While Job Portals have a general reach to Recruiters all over India, 'The Recruitment Express' offers opportunities in the focused and targeted region of Delhi/ NCR with extensive penetration in almost all companies existing in the region.

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