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India's 1st & Only Newspaper of Job Seeker's Resumes

What is The Reruitment Express & How is it the
Fastest and easiest way to search Jobs in Delhi/NCR at all levels?



Ab Choice Ka Job Easily Milega


The Recruitment Express (TRE) is the:

  • Fastest & Easiest Way to Search Jobs in Delhi/ NCR at all levels

  • India's 1st & only Newspaper of Resumes


Just putting 1 Resume Ad in The Recruitment Express:

  • Delivers your Resume at the Desk of HR/ Recruitment Managers of 9000+ Top Companies in Delhi/ NCR, while maintaining Confidentiality

  • Allows your Resume to be viewed by HR of over 3000 Companies every month who visit Online at our Website to access listed resumes

  • > 90% of MNC's, Top Corporates & Companies in every sector in Delhi/ NCR get your Resume

  • Your Resume penetrates better, than thru all other sources as all Job Portals combined or say 100 Job Consultants together would not be able to cover even half the Companies that we cover in Delhi/ NCR

  • Your Resume competes with only 3-10 resumes in your category of profiles enabling more Interview Calls & easy selection (TRE lists about 900 profiles in over 125 categories in 1 edition)


Why Companies prefer to Hire thru' The Recruitment Express?

  • TRE is the only Free Source of Hiring for Companies in India. So hiring candidates listed in TRE saves cost for employers

  • Searching Resumes thru' TRE is very easy as resumes are very intelligently Sorted, Categorized & Presented


Why Selection Ratio is much better when you go with the reference of your Resume Ad in The Recruitment Express?

  • Chances of getting shortlisted through Job Portals is low as they list 1000's of Resumes similar to your profile (TRE lists only 3-10 Resumes in 1 kind of profile)

  • When you attend an Interview with the reference of your resume on a Job Portal, you face stiff competition as there are plenty of candidates attending the interview from 1000's of Resumes that were listed on the Portal for the same position. (As TRE lists only 3-10 Resumes in 1 category, competition at interview is Nil or very low. Lesser competition means easier selection) Read More on Job Portals vs TRE

  • When you go for an Interview with the reference of a Placement Consultant, selection ratio tends to be low as Companies try to find an ideal candidate as they will have to pay 1 or 1.5 months of salary to the Consultant. (TRE being Free, Companies hire candidates even if they are somewhat suitable for their position as they do not have to pay any charges for hiring an employee through TRE)


Do you still want to spend time, cost and effort in:

  • Applying to 1 Company at a time OR

  • Applying to 100's of Placement Consultants and getting the same answer “We will get back to you”

  • Waiting for Job Portals to get you Free Interview Calls, while your resume is competing hard with say 12000 other similar profiles listed on the Portal for your kind of experience, role & level


Do you want to expedite your Job Search while still saving your cost, time & effort by spending a small amount in putting your Resume Ad in The Recruitment Express


Now don't Search for Jobs, let Jobs search for You


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How can I be sure that my Resume has been Printed and Circulated to the Companies ?

You can see a softcopy of the publication online at this website and can check printed copy of the paper at our office along with relevant documents/ receipts related to the printing and circulation of 9000+ copies. Candidates will also receive an SMS on the day circulation starts. Your biodata becomes searchable Online at our Website as soon as you submit your resume, which is accessed additionally by 3000+ Cos. in a month.

Fresher?- Can I expect responses, like Experienced?

Lot of companies do hire Freshers, but do not like to pay for hiring Freshers. So they do not normally hire through Consultants and try to avoid advertising, if possible. They tend to use inexpensive or free sources of hiring like- Employee Referrals, Campus Hiring etc. The Recruitment Express being free for employers provide an excellent source to Companies for hiring Freshers where they do not have to pay anybody for hiring candidates through The Recruitment Express.

How is the Confidentiality of my resume maintained?

You can maintain full Confidentiality while publishing your Resume in The Recruitment Express by a) Putting your name in abbreviated form or using a nick name b) Using your alternate mobile no. c) Not mentioning the name of your current employer (instead you can mention IT MNC or 500 cr Auto Company etc). Without current company's name and your proper name, it is very improbable that your current employer would be able to find your CV. Even when you put a resume in a Job Portal, it becomes very quite public and can be seen by all Employers and Consultants using the Portal.

I cannot pay Online- What options do I have?

We have an option to get the cash collected from your residence (only in Delhi/ NCR) by providing you the receipt. Besides, we have options of making the payment online by Credit Card, Debit Card & Netbanking. You can also courier us the cheque at our address or can come down to our office to make the payment. All options are visible once you submit/ publish your resume.

Do people really look at Newspaper of Resumes in the Internet Era?

You will be surprised to know that plenty of HRs/ CEOs of the Companies called up to suggest that though we have facility to search resumes Online, we should not stop the print version due to the following reasons: a) They find it very handy and can even look at resumes while relaxing. b) In some Companies IT Department does not allow all Websites. c) Profiles are easy to shortlist and to get remarks from seniors on the same. d) Print copy at their desk keeps giving a reminder- Read Me! e) People who prefer to be Online, can in any case access our full resume database online.

When will I start getting response?

Your resume becomes searchable in our online database as soon as you submit the same. So you can start getting calls from day one as 1000's of Companies access our free resume database online on a monthly basis. Larger no. of calls are received once your resume summary is printed in the publication and circulated to HR of 9000 Companies in Delhi/ NCR. This is done once in a month and you can expect calls starting immediately after circulation.

How old is The Recruitment Express Newspaper?

1st edition of The Recruitment Express (monthly edition) came out in December, 2013. Since then we have been getting overwhelming appreciation from employers who found the 1st and only source of hiring candidates at zero cost.

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